Zurich have introduced their own health and wellness program called LiveWell.

Free Membership

Free membership will be offered to all who apply for a new Zurich insurance policy.  Existing policyholders who apply for an increase or add a new cover may also be eligible.

Similar to AIA Vitality, Zurich LiveWell will offer rewards for positive activity.  However there is a broader base for earning rewards – encompassing body, mind and community.

For example, while points will be awarded for meeting daily step targets, points can also be earned for volunteering, charity fun runs and completing first aid courses. Other activities which will earn points are completing lifestyle programs, challenges, quizzes and reading articles.

Premium discounts will apply from the second year of the policy depending on the level of points earned in the previous 12 months. 

There are four levels of engagement:

  • Blue – 0% Discount
  • Bronze – 2.5% Discount
  • Silver – 5% Discount
  • Gold – 7.5% Discount

Also similar to AIA Vitality, there is the ability to receive rewards like spa vouchers or sports store gift cards from a range of partners.

Loving Life, which provides discounts on dining, travel and entertainment, will now form part of LiveWell. This was previously provided free of charge to all existing Zurich policyholders.

The guiding philosophy behind LiveWell is to provide extra wellness support and encouragement to Zurich policyholders. The more they participate in the program not only will they feel better, the more they will save through discounts and benefits.

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