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Compare Trauma Insurance

Why is Trauma Insurance cover important?

Trauma insurance cover (also known as Critical Illness insurance) pays a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition such as cancer, stroke or heart attack. Compare Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance is intended to relieve financial pressure so that you can focus on your recovery. The trauma cover payout can be used to:

  • Pay out-of-pocket medical costs (not covered by your health insurance)
  • Cover living expenses and childcare costs while you are recuperating
  • Keep up debt repayments and possibly pay down debts
  • Make lifestyle changes such as reducing work hours or increasing family time/holidays

Compare trauma insurance policies and receive 10% cashback

If you compare trauma insurance quotes online and buy a new policy through Insurance Watch we will refund 10% of the premiums you pay in the first year of your policy.  Find out more about the Insurance Watch 10% Cashback Offer

Although most Trauma insurance policies can be renewed to age 70, the premiums can become expensive as you get older. We can help you to compare the cost of stepped vs level premiums over time.

How do you know which are the best trauma insurance policies?

Trauma cover varies widely.  We don’t just compare quotes, we also compare the benefits offered by a range of policies so that you can find the best trauma insurance cover to suit you.

We compare 40+ trauma insurance policies highlighting:

  • Number of benefits provided
  • Medical conditions covered
  • Partial and full trauma benefits
  • Standalone or including death cover (with or without buyback option)
  • Star ratings based on product features and trauma definitions
  • Full Product Disclosure Statements from the insurers

We also compare insurers offering trauma insurance cover

Using claims statistics from ASIC and APRA we compare insurance companies based on:

  • Trauma claims acceptance rates
  • Average claim time in months
  • Number of claim disputes (per 100,000 policies)

Read 1,000+ customer reviews and see which insurance company ranks the best for:

  • Customer service both during and after a trauma insurance application
  • Experience when making a trauma insurance claim

Also you can Compare insurance companies based on:

  • Size
  • History
  • Ownership
  • Most recent awards

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Trauma Insurance cost?

The average cost of $100,000 Trauma insurance cover for a non-smoking 40 year-old is $39.86 a month for a male and $43.90 a month for a female. Premiums vary widely so you need to Compare Quotes.

Why is Trauma insurance cover important?

A serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, can result in financial stress. Out of pocket medical costs and loss of income can make it hard to pay bills and financial worries can inhibit recovery.

What is the difference between TPD and Trauma insurance?

It is generally easier to claim on a trauma policy than a TPD policy as it does not have the same requirement for your condition to be permanent and prevent you from working again. A trauma claim may be made on diagnosis of one of the conditions specified under the policy.

How to find the best Trauma insurance?

Trauma policies vary as to the number of conditions they cover, so to find the best value you need to compare policies. Check which insurance companies are the best at paying claims and have been voted the best by their customers.