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How our Life Insurance premiums compare to others

Trying to find “cheap” Life insurance?

Are you paying double the life insurance premiums you need to?Life Insurance Compare Us To Others

How do you know if a life insurance policy is really “cheap”? We have compared our premium quotes to some other life insurance policies which are advertised heavily on TV . We ran sample quotes for a male and a female, aged 40 years old and non smokers. The amount of cover used in the life insurance premium comparison was $500,000.

The results below showed premiums for these polices were on average more than double those from Insurance Watch! Showing again the importance of comparing before you buy.

Male 40 years old and a non-smoker: Monthly Premium Percentage Higher
Insurance Watch cheapestinsurer $ 28.73
Coles Life Insurance $ 51.97 80%
AAMI Life Insurance $ 55.27 92%
Medibank Life Insurance $ 59.30 106%
Insuranceline Life Insurance $ 63.24 120%
Real Insurance Family Life cover $ 68.75 139%
Guardian Life Insurance $ 72.70 153%
Woolworths Life Insurance $ 76.50 166%
Virgin Quick & Easy Life Insurance $ 103.00 258%
Average: 139%
Female 40 years old and a non-smoker: Monthly Premium Percentage Higher
Insurance Watch cheapest insurer $ 23.38
Medibank Life Insurance $ 46.05 96%
Coles Life Insurance $ 46.33 98%
AAMI Life Insurance $ 48.26 106%
Insuranceline Life Insurance $ 50.22 114%
Real Insurance Family Life cover $ 55.42 137%
Guardian Insurance $ 58.60 150%
Woolworths Life Insurance $ 61.39 162%
Virgin Quick & Easy Life Insurance $ 81.00 246%
Average: 138%

The above life insurance premium comparisons are accurate as at 15th November 2016 and do not include membership, tailored or other discounts. The Insurance Watch quote used is the cheapest of our 10 insurers and the premium shown is also BEFORE our 20% discount.
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