TAL have announced the launch of Health Sense Plus to provide an incentive for existing TAL policyholders to undertake preventative health checks.

TAL already provide Health Sense discounts of between 5% to 15% to new applicants who meet their BMI (Body Mass Index) criteria. Health Sense Plus builds on this by providing existing policyholders a 5% discount for two years if they undertake certain preventative screening tests.

To receive an offer to participate you must have a current TAL Accelerated Protection Life, TPD or Critical Illness policy, be aged under 62 and not made a claim on your policy. Offers will be sent to eligible policyholders via email prior to their next policy anniversary.

To qualify for the 5% Health Sense Plus discount you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a BMI between 19 and 28 (inclusive)
  • Have had one of the preventative screening tests listed in the offer in the 9 months prior to the offer or before the offer expiry
  • Provide your height/weight details online and upload evidence of completion of your test (e.g. receipt from doctor)

The preventative screening tests suggested for each policyholder will be appropriate for their age and gender. TAL will not pay the cost of any tests undertaken and do not need to see the results of the tests. Participation is optional and does not affect your policy.

TAL have stated that the Health Sense Plus initiative is part of their commitment to help Australians to take a proactive approach to their health. Testing can play a part in detecting and preventing serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, Cancer Australia have indicated that over 50% of all cancers could be avoided with a combination of a healthy lifestyle and regular screening.

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