TAL has announced a new program which rewards customers who follow a healthy lifestyle. “Health Sense” provides new customers of TAL’s Accelerated Protection range with discounts if their Body Mass Index (BMI) falls within a defined range.

The Health Sense range for BMI is between 19 and 28. If your height/weight puts you in this range you will be eligible to receive a premium discount on your lump sum policies.

A minimum discount of 7.5% applies for Life and/or TPD insurance policies. If other covers such as trauma and income protection are packaged with these the discount can increase to as much as 15%.

Eligibility Requirement

There is a requirement that the covers meet a minimum sum insured which is $100,000 for Life and TPD, $50,000 for Critical Illness/Trauma and $2000 a month for income protection.

Importantly the TAL Health Sense discount is not just for the first year but applies for the life of the policy. There is no ongoing reassessment or additional forms to complete to retain the discount. When TAL assess your application they will automatically determine your eligibility for the Health Sense discount and apply this to your premium if you qualify.

If you don’t qualify at first you can apply for the discount later when your BMI reduces into the range and reap the rewards of living a healthy lifestyle. Existing TAL customers don’t have to miss out either – they can complete an updated Personal Statement and if they qualify have a new policy issued with the discount.

To find out if you are eligible for the TAL Health Sense discount use our Body Mass Index Calculator and then use Compare Quotes to apply.