AIA are offering an opportunity for new clients to try their Vitality health and well-being program for free for two years.

Vitality offers a range of discounts and rewards for being physically active.  Vitality members enjoy initial premium discounts of 12.5% for Life, TPD and Trauma covers and 7.5% for income protection cover with AIA.   Membership also includes discounts on movies, travel and fitness memberships.  These savings are usually offset by a $120 annual Vitality fee.  Under the current promotion this fee will be waived for the first two years so that clients can sample the benefits of Vitality at no cost.

Second part of the “Two for Two” promotion

The second part of the “Two for Two” promotion is a waiving of the annual policy fee of $82.53 for the first two years of the policy.  This saving is available to all new customers even if not taking out Vitality.

When taken together the “Two for Two” promotion offers the ability to save over $200 per year for the first two years of the policy.  At the end of two years both the policy fee and Vitality fee will apply again, with AIA hoping that policyholders appreciate the value of Vitality combined with their AIA policy and continue with this.

The “Two for Two” promotion is only available until 31st August 2018.  The AIA premiums quoted on the Insurance Watch website do not include the fee waivers.  However when AIA policies are applied for before the cutoff date we will automatically reduce the policy premium by $82.53 for the policy fee waiver and by an additional $120 if Vitality has been chosen.

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