When Tower Australia demerged from Tower New Zealand in October 2006 it was agreed that the Tower name and logo could only be used for the next 5 years.

Tower Australia have been working on a new brand and identity and from the 18th November 2011 will have a new name which is TAL.  Tower Australia Ltd has been identified as “TAL” on the Australian Stock Exchange for five years and this was felt to be a distinctive and easy to remember brand.

The change in name does not affect policyholders or the way TAL does business.  TAL is still a life insurance specialist and the third largest life insurer in Australia measured by premiums in force.

To celebrate the name change TAL has launched a new Product Disclosure Statement for its Accelerated Protection range of products including a range of product benefit and feature enhancements.

More Information:

To compare TAL products to others go to Compare Insurance Quotes Online and view onscreen a comparison of TAL premium and product benefits side by side with the other products compared by Insurance Watch.