MLC have launched a new wellness program called “On Track” which encourages clients to live an active, healthy life, as well as have the opportunity to receive a discount of up to 10% off their premiums for the life of their policy.

Clients purchasing a new MLC Insurance policy will be assessed to see if they qualify to receive a free Basis Peak smartwatch. If they do not qualify for the free smartwatch they will be able to purchase one for $250 which is half the retail price.

Wellness Score

The smartwatch will monitor activities such as steps, temperature, heart rate and sleep duration. These are used to calculate a wellness score. If clients reach their target wellness score within 160 days they will receive a 5% reduction in their premiums for the life of their policy. If this target score is achieved for a second time clients will receive another 5% discount of the life of their policy.

MLC see this as a great opportunity for clients to not only live a more healthy and active lifestyle, but also be rewarded with discounts for doing so. To apply for a MLC policy go to Compare Quotes.