After receiving approval from the Federal Court of Australia, Macquarie Life policies have been transferred to Zurich effective 1st October 2016. Zurich now has responsibility for managing existing Macquarie FutureWise, Active and Sumo policies and will continue to issue these policies under the Zurich brand.

New Product Disclosure Statements

New Product Disclosure Statements are now available for Zurich FutureWise, Active and Sumo products. There have been no changes to the terms and conditions of these policies as a result of the transfer. Premium rates are also unaffected.

In the short term Zurich have indicated that they will maintain many of Macquarie Life’s systems and processes for new and existing policyholders in order to minimize disruption. However over time Zurich intends to integrate these with its own systems and is targeting to have this completed by the end of 2017.

Insurance Watch displays quotes online for both the existing Zurich Wealth Protection range of products, including Protection Plus and Income Protector, and the rebranded Zurich Futurewise range of products. Go to Compare Quotes Online to view quotes and benefit comparisons for these and other policies we compare.