Over 500 customers have their say on life insurers

Insurance Watch press release: 10 July 2017

by Wally Ripper

Melbourne, Australia, July 10, 2017– Insurance Watch has announced that it has surpassed the milestone of 500 customer reviews, cementing its position as Australia’s largest Life Insurance review website.


With prospective buyers giving increasing weight to social media and customer reviews, Insurance Watch provides a forum for holders of Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection policies to share their experiences.

“Before travelling or making a major purchase we can read the opinions of others online. In the same way the reviews on Insurance Watch can help those buying a life insurance or income protection policy,” according to Wally Ripper, Managing Director, Insurance Watch

Of the life insurance companies featured, ClearView has received the highest rating from reviewers, closely followed by AIA and Onepath. At the other end of the scale, BT, AMP and TAL are the three insurers currently rated the lowest by reviewers.

Each reviewer is asked to rate their insurer for value for money, features and benefits, ease of application, timeliness of processing and customer service and communication. Where there has been a claim feedback is requested as to how well the claim was handled. Given the recent poor publicity for some insurers and the ASIC industry-wide review of claims this is particularly relevant.

In addition to reviews, the Insurance Watch website provides educational information including:

  • explaining the different types of insurance
  • what features to look for
  • ways to make premium savings
  • how to calculate insurance needs

Consumers are able to compare quotes from 10 different life insurance companies online and the 20%* Insurance Watch Reward offer means policies cost less than going direct to the insurers.

“Our website is visited by a range of people who are shopping around and comparing policies. Therefore we get a good cross section of experiences, both positive and negative,” claims Wally Ripper.

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