ClearView have recognized that when a parent passes away there is usually a need for immediate, sometimes considerable, funds to provide a suitable farewell. Funeral costs can range from $4000 to $14,000 including cremation or burial costs, flowers and memorial service (according to Unfortunately most of these expenses need to be paid right away and can’t wait for the sale of a family home or estate settlement.

Add Parent Cover to your own life insurance

Rather than your parent taking out a funeral insurance policy and paying ever increasing costs as they get older, you can now add Parent Cover to your own life insurance and choose a level premium to fix the cost. If your parent is aged under 85 you can take out Parent Cover of between $5000 and $15000. There is guaranteed acceptance, without the need for your parent to complete any forms.

Parent Cover provides a cost effective alternative to traditional funeral cover and can give your parents peace of mind knowing that you have their funeral costs covered.

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