In March 2011 AMP and AXA merged to form the new AMP, which would be Australia’s largest life insurance company and a leading wealth management company. As part of the agreement with AXA’s parent company in France there was a contractual obligation to stop using the AXA brand in Australia by 31st March 2013, including materials which bear the AXA name or logo.

AXA products changed to AMP

In order to meet this obligation on 12th November the branding of most AXA products was changed to AMP. For life insurance products this means that AXA Elevate insurance products have been rebranded AMP Elevate.

Existing insurance clients of AXA will be sent letters notifying them that the name of their product is changing. There is no changes to policy numbers or the features of existing products. Quotes for both AMP and AMP Elevate policies will continue to be shown at Compare Quotes on the Insurance Watch website.